Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just John - Live@Various, PDX 08/08/09 (DUBSTEP MIX)

Just John Live @ Various 8/8/9


Forensics - Before the Storm (Heavy Weather)
Overcast Radio - Vendetta (Surface Tension)
Duppy - Hand on Heart (dub)
Overcast Radio - Midnight Sun (Surface Tension)
Phaeleh - Lounge (Surface Tension)
Vaccine - Atruim (Phaeleh Remix) (Surface Tension)
Swarms - Shiver (dub)
Forensics - Dungeon Master (Alien Pimp Remix) (Dubkraft)
556 - New Western (dub)
Indigo - Wanderer (Surface Tension)
Forensics - Missing Persons (Heavy Weather)
Bella - Matsue Castle (Insectmind)
Specops - Miuzi Remix (dub)
Dash EXP - Sinking (dub)
Parson - White Cups Up (insectmind)
Milkman - Robbery Dub (Dash Re-edit) (dub)
Undubbed - Stuck Between (dub)
Forensics - Not Alone (Heavy Weather)
Legend4ry - Comic Book Heros VIP (Insectmind)
Zillion - Hope (Dub)
Overcast Radio - Solid State(Dub)
FSTZ - One Last Nail (Dub)