Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Some Jazz in your Subs

I guess I'm a sucker for free music. Especially released EP's given away by the label itself. It is pretty extraordinary and it just goes to show that the music industry is a whole is changing. I am glad to see that things have gotten way independent and I think that major labels may be struggling to keep up with the digital revolution and its impact upon music and the industry as a whole. I am not here to talk about music industry trends however, i am here to talk about the music itself.

Dubkraft has released a smooth dub EP that is very Jazz oriented. Subjazz "Lo-Fi in Hi-Fi" is a collection of 3 tracks produced by Subjazz. These tracks are very chilled out and minimal and make me think of rainy days and warm coffee. Great tracks to play in the background of a wine bar, or some bourgeois art show;But would be perfect on the dance floor either to start and build up with or even drop at high peak and change the mood up entirely. Even while minimal these tunes manage to still be very danceable and, like all Dubkraft releases, make the subs vibrate;with a bit of jazz.

You can get info on all the ways to acquire this release here----->CLICK HERE NOW!!!

You can even get it for FREE!!

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Milkman brings it fresh! Be sure to get your Milkmoney!

Milkmoney Music, An up and coming force in the Dubstep and Bass Music realm of things, has just TODAY released a Free EP entitled Hallucination. Now you might think, "Hey, that sounds familiar". Well you are probably very familiar with Beat Chemist and curator of Illbient Music DJ Spooky, who has long been a force to be reckoned with in the underground. Hallucinate is a track by DJ Spooky which The Milkman felt so inspired by one night that he decided to release a remix EP and give it away for free on the internet. Probably to avoid all those pesky legal copyright issues. I am all for it. Fuck You RIAA! Either way, I'm sure DJ Spooky will think most of these remixes are sick. Which they are. In fact they are all stompers. Depending upon what you are in the mood for.

Now about the remixes themselves.

DJ Harp Remix

DJ Harp has a more minimal take on the DJ Spooky concoction. This one definitely has that DJ Harp/Specops feel to it. A broken minimal techno dub beat adding tension into the air.

The Milkman Remix

Milkman remix sounds just like you'd expect it to. Typical Milkman fashion. Heavy Kicks and Bass, Minimal Hi-Hats, and a stuttered ambience that leaves you with the image of a bad acid trip. Sick stuff as always from Milkman

Zillion Remix

I have always liked Zillion and this particular Zillion remix is pretty spot on with the rest. Bass Heavy (Like every tune on the EP!) and Groovy with a steppy drum rhythm. That is much like 2-Step or Garage, but the melodics are way more tech rather than funky.

Crosus remix

Crosus delivers a dark, deep, bass heavy take on the DJ Spooky recreation. Dark and Disturbing like walking through the shadows of nightmares awaiting an ambush of wild wolves or an army of marauders coming to slit your throat and take you for all you have.

303 Sumatra Remix

I guess every "Dubstep" remix EP should include a dance floor wobbler and the 303 Sumatra remix is that. Personally this my least favorite remix of the bunch, not really enjoying the bass wobblers as much. I have enjoyed 303's other work, particularly The No Disco EP. It's not a bad tune and is quite dubby and I'm sure that it would make a moving dance floor lose it's head.

Cursed Chimera Remix

Cursed Chimera doesn't really make Dubstep. I don't know what to call it. Techno. IDM. Something new and different that's for sure. I have heard other releases by this man and they are great. This remix is no different. Some of the unmelodies in this tune reach a certain frequency that is almost abrasive, but not quite enough to make you cringe. Switches between a half beat to a floor on the floor. Excellent break tune for you IDM or Experimental Electronic people.

Abrasion Equation Remix

I am not sure how is missed this tune completely. I am glad that a reader (Thanks Jared) pointed it out. I am glad he did. This a smooth remix of Hallucinate. It has a psy-ambience vibe to it and takes you on a aural journey through various tones and layers. This sounds like something I would hear on the dancef loor during a Bassnectar set. Beautiful tones, heavy Bass!

Erin Jale Remix

Who is Erin Jale?! This person has utterly decimated this EP. Holy Shit what a sick remix! I almost missed it entirely due to a spelling error. I'm glad I didn't. My favorite on the EP for sure. Dark, deep, rolling bass lines, technical drum precision with a tense high frequency melody that brings visions of a haunted house of horrors where they are murdering children who come to walk through the haunted house on Halloween. This tune is grimy! I dig it. Give me more Erin Jale!

Any of these remixes would fit into a variety of places on the dance floor, or they are great for listening to at home. They are each quite unique to themselves and all quite bass heavy. Some more forward moving bass music brought to us by Milkmoney Music. AND IT"S FREE GO DOWNLOAD IT NOW.

Click here to Download

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Who is MusSk?

It's been awhile since I've written a review on anything here. In all honesty, I've been rather bored with what I've been hearing lately as everything seems to have gone the way of Neuro-Funk and sounds the same. Wobble Wobble Wobble Wobble Kazoooooo! So I've been exploring other genre's of my music roots in Blues and Rock n' Roll. However, a friend of mine asked me to review this album so I accepted, and I am very glad I did.

This is fresh music direct from the digital age. Is it Dubstep? Glitch? Glitch-Step (I know all the dubstep purists are cringing at that one!) Post-dub? What the Fuck?! I haven't been this blown away buy an artist album since Burial released his two debut albums two years ago. Electronica had seemed to come to a weird stagnate period and then all of a sudden MusSck busts into the scene with a debut album entitled "The Digital Ninja"

A stuttered, fragmented, half-tempo'd, glitched out collage of sounds with simple Dubstep inspired rhythm patterns, low sub bass lines, and intricate layered melodies. The sound collage seems to hang in eternity while still moving at high speed;Changing constantly like a tension line about to snap, almost as if the sudden collapse, caused by the failure of digital technology, is near and life as we know it will cease to exist.

This album is very experimental and invokes a sense of anxiety felt from a digital civilization. This is the sound scape for the Internet generation, with tones and percussion stuttering like a buffering video or audio file on stream. While The Glitch Mob may have made digitized, glitched out and stuttered dance and party music meant for good times and partying, MusSk has reflected the isolation and anxiety that can be felt in this age. The music is perfect for this epoch.

I am sure that we will be hearing a lot more from MusSck in the near future. This is a strong first release with a guest appearance from drummer KJ Sawka (, and album art by Grym. ( it was released on Glitch-Hop Temple, Global Vortex Records's sub-label and is a must for electronic music connoseurs.

It isavailable for download at the Glitch-Hop Label Web Page ----> CLICK HERE!

or available at these online record shops:,,,,,,,,, and many more...,,,,,,,,, and many more...