Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dubstep was lurking is the shadows for years before it finally burst into the underground's mainstream roughly 3 years ago (Atleast on this continent) only to explode as the most relevant evolution of next generation electronic music to emerge so far this century. While some naysayers dismissed dubstep early on as too slow for the dancefloor and was going to be a living room genre like trip-hop or atmospheric drum & bass;And it also took a bit for the dancefloor to catch on to the spaced bass rhythms as well. It wasn't long however before the dancefloor "got it".

Nowadays anywhere there is a dubstep exclusive event, which was unheard of 3 years ago, there is ussually a packed out dancefloor with thicker vibes than I've ever felt on any dancefloor. Dubstep has brought many influences with it and people from all sorts of musical backgrounds are getting involved. You'd meet people at a dubstep party that you would definitely never expect.

Dubstep is all over the place right now, and so far it has yet to be sub-categorized. (but there are people that try) There is definitely dubstep which is meant for one place and that is the dancefloor. Driving and Bouncy, most dancefloor dubstep has its roots in Dub, Techno, Rock n' Roll, Hip-Hop, Funk, Electro and Drum n' Bass. There is also some dubstep which is a little less energetic but still follows the same rhythm structure with spaced bass melodies. This dubstep has its roots in Blues, Soul Jazz, Funk, House, Trip-Hop, Ambient, Classical, and even Folk Music. Even though, even the more ambient Dubstep sounds absolutely amazing with a couple thousand watts of sound and some bass bins.

So what is Dubstep? What is its Impact on Music? Where is it going?

Well, I would say that dubstep is a next generation electronically produced music genre defined by a BPM of about 140, with spaced drum patterns and rythmic sub-basslines.

Its impact is that it is the most relevant Dancefloor and living room genre of electronically produced music in the 21st Century and probably the largest evolution of electronic music since Jungle in the mid-1990's. Dubstep has, in a way, changed the electronic music "scene". Relying highly on the internet for promotion and networking....sometimes it may seem that dubstep is a digital internet genre, but you only have to go to the events to realize that this genre is moving people; And not just one kind of person but many inds of people have found something in this rhythm, something that unifies them and moves them to one beat.

It can only go where we want it to. Dubstep This is the future of music.