Friday, January 29, 2010

J:Kenzo & Rod Azlan//Argon Radio Mix

Personally had never heard of either of these two until I found this mix on DSF. I'm glad I finally stumbled onto them. J:Kenzo & Rod Azlan bring it tough and deep in this recent Argon Radio Mix. J:Kenzo's mixing is tight and the programming and selection flow together nicely. Coupled with Rod Azlan's subtle emcee style this mix will keep you interested from start to finish. Lots of Kenzo originals and remixes. Kepp a lookout for this guy. Proper mix here kids! Download it for free!

01. J:Kenzo - Tropic Thunda - forthcoming Argon Records
02. J:Kenzo - Against The Grain - forthcoming Gangsta Boogie Music
03. Twisted - Robots (J:Kenzo Remix) - SoulShakerz 006
04. J:Kenzo - Counteraction - forthcoming Argon Records
05. DJ Madd - Select Me - Dubplate
06. Jack Sparrow & Signus - Loveless - forthcoming Gangsta Boogie
07. Kromestar - Skaredem - Dubstar Recs
08. Rakoon - Takt - Carbon Logic
09. DJ Madd - Maybe - Dubplate
10. Marcus Visionary & Satori - St Vincent - Liondub International
11. Gemmy - Rainbow Road - Wild Angels
12. Harry Craze & Silkie - Favela - Break the Habit
13. J:Kenzo - Karizma - Dubplate
14. Giant - Rain Mind - Dub Police
15. Von D ft Alyz Be - I Can't Say No - forthcoming SoulShakerz
16. Mala - Level Nine - HyperDub
17. J:Kenzo - Conqueror (DJ Heny G Soul Remix) - forthcoming SoulShakerz


Check out releases from Argon Records too! Lots of releases coming from Argon to keep your ears open for. Check em out @ their website. Good radio mixes for download too!

Or you can tune into Argon Radio on

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Specops has made a strong debut with there first three releases. I am excited to hear what they rinse out in the future. In the Meantime check out what they have out now

DJ Harp - Gran Torino
DJ Harp - Jakes Bit

Gran Torino - Made me feel like I was in a 40's gangster movie. I'm trapped in a secret room in a big house on a hill. There is a sample in this tune that sounds like somebody tapping Morse code on a metal door. Dark, Deep, the soundscape to a gangster movie from hell.

Jakes Bit - Started out like dubstep then moved into a more bass heavy minimal groove. Very tech. The Grungy Bass still screams DUBSTEP! and makes you want to pump your mean fist!


DJ Harp - Twin Peakz
DJ Harp & Ryze+Fall - Rap as a Weapon

Twin Peakz - This tune runs! The first part of the bar brings me back to the raves of the early 90's while the second part of the bar snaps me back into the present with that very familiar half-stepped snare, and half stepped breaks. Then the bassline slams you in the chest. Dubstep is a very distinctive 21st century sound. Again with the pumping of mean fists!

Rap as a Weapon - Very Smooth. I like the dark undertones on this one. It is still dancy but has a very dark message intertwined and gives off some bleak vibes.
Solid releases!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Just John - Live@Various, PDX 08/08/09 (DUBSTEP MIX)

Just John Live @ Various 8/8/9


Forensics - Before the Storm (Heavy Weather)
Overcast Radio - Vendetta (Surface Tension)
Duppy - Hand on Heart (dub)
Overcast Radio - Midnight Sun (Surface Tension)
Phaeleh - Lounge (Surface Tension)
Vaccine - Atruim (Phaeleh Remix) (Surface Tension)
Swarms - Shiver (dub)
Forensics - Dungeon Master (Alien Pimp Remix) (Dubkraft)
556 - New Western (dub)
Indigo - Wanderer (Surface Tension)
Forensics - Missing Persons (Heavy Weather)
Bella - Matsue Castle (Insectmind)
Specops - Miuzi Remix (dub)
Dash EXP - Sinking (dub)
Parson - White Cups Up (insectmind)
Milkman - Robbery Dub (Dash Re-edit) (dub)
Undubbed - Stuck Between (dub)
Forensics - Not Alone (Heavy Weather)
Legend4ry - Comic Book Heros VIP (Insectmind)
Zillion - Hope (Dub)
Overcast Radio - Solid State(Dub)
FSTZ - One Last Nail (Dub)