Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Check out this Ballet piece choreographed to a dubstep tune...

The Tune is Riddim Affair by MKS
The Choreographer is Brandi Halst​ead of Pacific Northwest Ballet aka Killer B of Insectmind.

The Name of the piece is called Emerald Green Tryst.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


In the immortal words of Bob Barker......."Please, spay and neuter your pets!"


01 Brian Sanhaji :: Kappa Effect :: Sonata
02 Karo :: Chatroom :: Italo Business
03 Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner :: Bazar Inflagranti :: Highgrade Records
04 Onkel Brutalo :: Selva :: Resopal Schallware
05 Cesare vs Disorder :: Mother :: Stock5
06 Lauhaus, David Labeij :: Hush Hush :: Sushitech Purple
07 Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner :: Delayed :: Highgrade Records
08 Nathan Joy :: Melineo :: Bambu Records
09 Krilo :: Further Bigger :: Miniatura Records
10 Leeks :: Ninja :: SL Supreme Records
11 Dragosh :: Cut :: Monomental Digital
12 Holgi Star :: Not For Me :: Rompecabeza
13 Nico Diorio :: Shop :: Mamba Tune
14 Wighnomy Brothers :: Somewhere Over the Slippybergun :: WB Records

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Into the Vortex

The Global Vortex.  Say it out loud to yourself. Global Vortex.  The Vortex of the Globe.  We all know what global means, but what is a vortex? The dictionary on my mac defines it as "a mass of whirling fluid or air;especially referring to a whirlpool or whirlwind."  A global whirlwind is exactly what we have coming from Global Vortex Radio. A whirlwind of eclectic music being broadcasted worldwide via internet radio.  

Since traditional FM radio has pretty much gone down the tube as far as underground music is concerned, internet radio and podcasts have filled that gap. While there are definitely an abundance of internet radio stations on the internet, there are very few that are as eclectic as GVR.  

Global Vortex Radio currently has six regular shows which broadcast at multiple times of the week at different times so listeners all over the world can listen at hours of there own choosing.  GVR has also been making a presence at live music events and recording the performances and broadcasting them at a later date.  In addition to every show being played at multiple times, all of the shows and recordings are archived on the GVR home page. 

You can tune into Global Vortex Radio 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at www.globalvortexradio.com.  There you can see a listing of show times and stream archived shows and recordings.  It's always  fresh and it's always eclectic.  This station is pushing nothing but solid music from the underground.  To quote their home page "Global Vortex...planetary, evolving, independent electronic fusion sounds from emerging artists to pioneers, It's from Brooklyn, NYC's underground, its 7/24, its new every week, its commercial free, its all yours. Bring yourself!"

Global Vortex Radio


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A New Endeavor

Today, I guess, is the beginning of a new endeavor; or adventure, what ever you'd like to call it. There really isn't any plan of operation for this newly started blog site, only a general starting point idea.  The point is to push new sounds and rhythms.  To be overly critical of of music and the culture that expresses it.  We want to be critical yet fair.  We are dedicated to the positive side of things and you will rarely see negative reviews on any subject.

We who call ourselves Kno-Tek are just normal people like yourselves who have decided that we would like to have our voices known in the social chaos that is the Electronic Music "Scene". We are not here to be "scene", but to be immersed in a  music and culture and to maybe document some of what is happening;But mostly we will focus solely on music.  You will read about producers, musicians, disc jockeys, emcee's, writers, painters, designers, promoters, and maybe even random ass folks who you've never even heard of.  This is meant to be informative and entertaining
And remember every thing written or posted here are opinions based upon facts. That is all. Nothing more. Feel free to leave comments.  If you would like to submit tunes, mixes or articles please contact knotekmedia@gmail.com Thank You. - ed